Poems from Valentina Ciurleo

Meine süßeste Laune: an die Millimeter Haut, an die Atemzüge, an die Flamme denken.
[ auf den ersten Blick ]

Ringrazio per la traduzione 
Anna Maria Curci


The look's limit
It's throttled-never complete
as it would not hear
and it would not find 

There is a dream, thought
beyound time
that passes through spaces
climbs over silences
and knocks down torments.
The color of lovers is high.
[ A nigth with a fisfing light attractor ]
Feeling is art
touching with eyes
dancing and pulsating.
It flares up
as a fruit out its flower.
"Ecstasy of senses is seductive"
-the touch of taste-
the speell comes
until sings
-the tempest-
[ waking up beside ]

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Poems from Valentina Ciurleo
Poems from Valentina Ciurleo